L’intervention du Représentant Permanent d’Haiti au Bureau de Développement Commercial d’Haiti en Chine(BDCH) à la célébration du jour de la paix. Beijing Vendredi 20 septembre 2019.
Dear president of World Peace Foundation,
Dear representant of Unesco in China,
Member of diplomatic Corps,
Dear madam minister of Education from Suriname
Dear Students,
Ladies an gentlemen,
Dearest chinese friends,
Firs of all I would like to present my coudolence to the people of Bahamas. As you know Bahamas is a brother island of Haiti and a lot of haitians live in the Bahamas.
In the scope of this event, my first public event in Beijing, the China World Peace Foundation invite me in order to talk about peace. Why peace, when we have peace, how to obtain peace. In other words, peace and development for a free world.
Peace and development are linked to each other. One cannot be achieved without another. There can be no peace without sustainable development and no sustainable development without peace.
A meaningful life can be attained only through mutual cooperation and understanding. Communal harmony and peaceful life are crucial for the prosperity of a nation. A peaceful society is the basis of a vibrant, happy and prosperous nation. Hence peace is a sine qua non for the overall development of the people and the country.

Access to justice, food, growth and effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels are the prerequisites of a peaceful society. Almost four billion people across the world still lack access to justice. Promotion and protection of basic human rights is a must. Efficient institutions may lead to inclusive and peaceful societies including my country HAITI.
Sustainable development can be achieved through the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies. In 2000, world leaders agreed to launch Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) under the United Nations’ leadership with the main focus on socio-economic issues. MDG expired in 2015. One question now. We have peace or we don’t have peace.
According to former UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, a lack of accountability is one of the reasons for shortfalls in progress to achieve the MDGs.

As the continuation of its objectives, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was launched in 2015. The goals are contained in UN resolution of September 25, 2015 titled “The Future we want”. A future of peace.
SDG 2030 has been endorsed as a unified vision to guide the actions of every nation around the world.
Many nations, foundations association like China World Peace Foundation and Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation have the opportunity to build effective, accountable, inclusive institutions for a peaceful society. Effective national level planning, assessment of resources, development of advocacy, more open to discussion, prioritization of national goals and recognition and implementation of anti-corruption methods can help in building accountable and inclusive institutions.
I would like to thanks the WPF for offering me the medal “PEACE AMBASSADOR”. Its an honor for me and my country Haiti.
Hence , to conclude i have to say the importance of crucial hard work in order achieve peace and stability for development in our countries through the successful implementation of a new vision, good governance, rule of law, and visionary leadership.
Thank you and good afternoon for all!

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